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  1. Puncheon - Variation - October 13

    Notice of application to vary premises licence at the Puncheon, Whitehaven

  2. Notices of applications - variations

    Notice of application to vary a premises licence

  3. Draft Statement of Licensing Policy 2015 – 2019

    Any decision taken by the Council in regard to determination of licences, certificates and notifications should aim to promote the licensing objectives which are:

     The prevention of crime and disorder
     Public safety
     The prevention of public nuisance
     The protection of children from harm

    The policy covers the licensable activities as specified in the Act which are:

     Sale by retail or supply of alcohol
     Regulated entertainment
     Late night refreshment

  4. Special Cumulative Impact Policy

    The purpose of this report is to request that defined areas of Whitehaven town centre be included within a new special cumulative impact policy.

  5. Letter - Dreft Revised P{olicy


  6. Publication of statement of licensing policy 2016

    Notice of publication of statement of licensing policy 2016 - Gambling Act 2005.

  7. Revised statement of licensing policy

    Publication of revised statement of licensing policy - Licensing Act 2003.

  8. Statement of Licensing Policy

    Statement of Licensing Policy

  9. Gambling Policy 2016

    Gambling Policy 2016


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