Election results



  1. Parish council election results May 2011

    Results of the parish council elections held in May 2011.

  2. Mayoral referendum result information

    Details of the result of Copeland's Mayoral referendum

  3. Declaration referendum result

    Declaration of result of referendum

  4. Result of European elections 22 May 2014

    Copeland has now completed the count for the European Elections. You can find Copeland’s results here. For the results for the North West Region please visit

  5. Results of European Union Referendum Act 2015

    Results for the Copeland voting area

  6. May 2011 Election results

    Results of the most recent election of ward and parish councillors in Copeland.

  7. County Council election results

     The results of the Cumbria County Council elections in Copeland held in May 2013 are listed below. In each case (E) indicates the candidate that was elected.

  8. Results of Hensingham by-election

    The results of the Copeland Borough Council Hensingham by-election held in May 2013 is listed below. (E) indicates the candidate that was elected.


  1. European election results

    On May 22 Copeland voters took part in the European Parliamentary Elections. 



  1. Notice of Poll

    Cumbria County Council

    Election of County Councillor for the Howgate Electoral Division


  2. Deceleration of results of Poll Howgate Division

    Turnout - 20.3%

    Results of election of a County Councillor for the Howgate County Electoral Division

  3. Declaration of result of poll

    Election for Parish Councillor for Egremont South Ward

  4. Sandwith ward

    Sandwith ward

democratic services

  1. Declaration of Result of Poll

    Details of the results of the Copeland by-election on 23.2.17

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