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  1. Michael Hawkins
  2. County Council election results

     The results of the Cumbria County Council elections in Copeland held in May 2013 are listed below. In each case (E) indicates the candidate that was elected.

  3. Norman Clarkson
  4. Results of Hensingham by-election

    The results of the Copeland Borough Council Hensingham by-election held in May 2013 is listed below. (E) indicates the candidate that was elected.

  5. Tim Knowles
  6. Frank Irving Morgan
  7. Wendy Skillicorn
  8. David Edward Southward MBE
  9. Brian Crawford
  10. Susan Mary Hayman
  11. Complaints about a Councillor form

    The following document is a form which can be completed when you wish to make a complaint against a Councillor.

  12. Keith Haigh Hitchen
  13. Ward election results 2011

    Summary of the results of the elections of May 2011

  14. Eileen Weir
  15. Parish council election results May 2011

    Results of the parish council elections held in May 2011.

  16. Christine Wharrier
  17. Councillors expenses 2011-2012

    Summary of councillors' expenses for the financial year 2011-2012.

  18. Henry Wormstrup
  19. Members' allowances 2013-14

    This document sets out what allowances are paid to council members and what they are allowed to claim in the way of expenses. To view individual members expenses and interests please visit here.

  20. Code of Conduct

    Our code of conduct outlines the conduct that is expected of members and co-opted members of the council when they are acting in their capacity as a councillor. 

  21. Members expenses - Q1 2013/14

    Councillor Mileage and Expenses - Quarter 1 2013/14

  22. Councillors and MEPs

    Copeland councillors, Parish council contacts, Honorary Aldermen and Members of the European Parliament.

  23. Members expenses - Q2 2013/14

    Councillor Mileage and Expenses - Quarter 2 2013/14

  24. May 2011 Election results

    Results of the most recent election of ward and parish councillors in Copeland.


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