Council tax



  1. Council Tax Resolution 2011/12

    Budget 2011/12: Council Tax Resolution 2011/12

Council tax

  1. Council tax

    Council tax helps to pay for the cost of local services such as bin collections and recycling services, environmental health and planning. If you’re 18 or over and own or rent a home, you’ll usually have to pay council tax

  2. Council Tax Direct Debit Form

    If you want to pay your council tax by direct debit but do not want to do this online you can complete and return this form.

  3. Council tax discounts

    Council tax is worked out on the basis of two adults living at the address. If there is only one adult at the address for the purposes of council tax then you may receive a 25% discount on your bill.

  4. How to pay your council tax

    For our new online council tax services, please click here

    There are many different ways to pay your council tax - online by direct debit, online (If you have been invoiced), by telephone or in person at your local pay point or post office, via a payment card or by using the bar code on your bill.

  5. Attachment of Earnings Orders - a guide

    Council Tax Attachment of Earnings Orders – A Guide for Employers

  6. Council tax charges for empty properties

    There are a number of changes to council tax that came into force on 1 April 2013. Here we explain what has changed and answer some of your questions.

  7. Council Tax Online Services

    Here you can find all the links you need to sign-up and manage for council tax online

  8. Council Tax 2016/2017

    Council Tax Information for 2016/17

  9. Council Tax Band Charges 2015/2016

    Council Tax Band Charges 2015/2016

  10. Council Tax Band Charges 2016/2017

    Council Tax Band Charges 2016/2017

  11. Council Tax Band Charges 2017-18

    Council Tax Band Charges 2017-18

  12. Council Tax leaflet 2016-17

    Council Tax leaflet 2017-18


  1. Localising council tax support

    In April 2013 Council Tax Benefit was abolished and councils have had to devise their own local schemes of support for people on low incomes. The Government has announced a £100 million fund to support councils to develop their plans. It has also published guidance about the rules that it wants councils to put into place to ensure that low income households do not face "an extensive increase in their Council Tax liability in 2013-2014.

    Here you can read details of our scheme.

  2. Second Adult Rebate

    Information about Second Adult Rebate, an alternative to Council Tax Reduction which can be claimed by people who have other adults on low incomes living with them.

  3. HB and CTB electronic comms order

    Housing benefit and council tax benefit electronic comms order 2006 CBC

  4. CT reduction requirements reg 2012

    Council tax reduction prescribed requirements regulation 2012 CBC


  1. Proposal for Council Tax Technical Reforms

    This document outlines our proposals for dealing with council tax following recent changes brought in by the Local Government Finance Act 2012.

  2. What do we do? This diagram shows you some of the things that we do over the course of a year and what your council tax helps to pay for.

revenues and benefits

  1. Council Tax and NDR Leaflet 2017-18

    This leaflet explains how the council is funded and how we spend the money.

  2. Council Tax Support Scheme Summary

    Council Tax Support Scheme Summary

  3. Council Tax Support Scheme - Web Comments

    Council Tax Support Scheme - Web Comments

  4. CBC Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2017-18

    CBC Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2017-18

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