Environmental health

  1. Food complaints

    If you have a problem with food you have bought, the food safety team can help.

Customer services

  1. Customer complaint guide

    Customer complaint guide

  2. Complaints about a Councillor Complain about a councillor
  3. Make a Complaint Make a Complaint
  4. Make an Anonymous Complaint Make an Anonymous Complaint
  5. Complaints, comments and compliments

    This page tells you how to make a complaint, comment or compliment about the council or its members.


  1. Complaints about a Councillor form

    The following document is a form which can be completed when you wish to make a complaint against a Councillor.

  2. Code of Conduct

    Our code of conduct outlines the conduct that is expected of members and co-opted members of the council when they are acting in their capacity as a councillor. 

democratic services

  1. Wanted - Independent person for complaints panel

    Wanted - Independent person for complaints panel

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