Building Control (Professionals)


Building control

  1. Approved Document P Guidance Note

    Guidance notes for Approved Document P.

  2. Additional Services

    In addition to our statutory Building Control function, we offer consultation services in the areas listed below.

  3. Full Plans Submission Form

    Form and guidance notes to help you submit full plans.

  4. Means of Escape Windows Guidance Note

    Guidance notes for means of escape windows.

  5. Building control contacts

    Contact details of how to get in touch with the Copeland Borough Council building control department.

  6. Regularisation application form

    Application form to use for a regularisation certificate.

  7. Radon Guidance Note

    Guidance note relating to Radon gas and how to protect yourself.

  8. Fees (Professionals)

    The schedules of charges and guidance notes are based on the Council’s Building Control Charges Scheme. You can now pay building control fees online.

  9. Notice of Intended Demolition Form

    Section 80 of the Building Act 1984 requires that a person who intends to demolish the whole or part of a building, apart from one exempt under subsection (1)(a) or (b) to notify the local authority, the occupier of any adjacent building and the gas and electricity authorities of his intention. This is the form to do so.

  10. Copeland Building Control Prospectus A document identifying the many ways in which Copeland Building Control can help you in the successfull delivery of your building project.
  11. Householder Enquiry Form

    Householder enquiry form to notify us of your intention to build and guidance as to when planning permission is ncecessary.

  12. Building Control Fees 2016/17

    Building Control fees and charges for 2016/17. You can now pay building control fees online.

  13. Full plans or building notice submission guidance

    You can make a Building Regulations application in two ways – full plans or building notice.This guidance explains the main differences between the two.

  14. Access Statement [guidance notes]

    Access Statement [guidance notes]

  15. Getting your plans right

    Guidance note for ensuring that your plans are right.

  16. Conservatories and porches guidance notes

    Conservatories and porches guidance notes

  17. Regularisation Application Notes

    Regularisation application notes that explain more about when and how to apply for a regularisation certificate.

  18. Percolation Test Guidance - Surface

    Percolation Test Guidance - Surface

  19. LABC Partner Authority Scheme Registration Form

    LABC Partner Authority Scheme Registration Form

  20. Percolation Test Guidance - Treatment Facilities

    Percolation Test Guidance - Treatment Facilities

  21. Dangerous Buildings and Structures

    Guidance note for dangerous buildings and structures.

  22. PercolationTest Guidance - Soakaways

    PercolationTest Guidance - Soakaways

  23. Energy Performance Certificate Declaration

    From the 6 April 2008 all completed dwellings require an Energy Performance Certificate (E.P.C.) to satisfy The Energy Performance of Buildings (Certificates and Inspections) (England
    and Wales) Regulations 2007. To help you comply, please complete and return this declaration form.

  24. Wood Burner Checklist

    Wood Burner Checklist

  25. Approved Document P Declaration Form

    Form to be completed by the electrician carrying out work if not a member of a certifying body such as NICEIC, ELECSA or ECA etc.


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