Building Control (Householders)



  1. Guidance on prior approval for extensions

    This guidance note only applies to the temporary permitted development arrangements introduced in May 2013 for single storey extensions to the rear of a house.

  2. Form to notify us that an extension is complete

    Form to use to notify us that you have completed a single storey rear extension. Please return the form to

    Planning Department
    Copeland Borough Council
    Copeland Centre
    Catherine Street
    Whitehaven CA28 7SJ

Building control

  1. Getting your plans right

    Guidance note for ensuring that your plans are right.

  2. Do I need Building Regulations approval to construct a conservatory?
  3. Regularisation Application Notes

    Regularisation application notes that explain more about when and how to apply for a regularisation certificate.

  4. Householders

    Thank you for visiting these pages. We are determined to provide you with the very best in Building Control and associated services. Whether you are a large developer undertaking a multi-million pound project or a homeowner carrying out alterations to your home, we are totally committed to assisting you in any way we can.

  5. Design and Access Statements - how to use them to prevent crime

    Design and Access Statements - how to use them to prevent crime

  6. Demolition Control and Advice

    The Building Act contains provisions that enable Local Authorities to control demolition works for the protection of public safety and to safeguard adjoining properties.

  7. Dangerous Buildings and Structures

    Guidance note for dangerous buildings and structures.

  8. Secured by design

    One of the biggest problems that the field of planning for crime prevention has faced is the fact that, too often, crime prevention when it is considered at all in the design process is merely an afterthought.

  9. Choosing a Reputable Contractor Guidance Note

    Guidance note for choosing a reputable contractor.

  10. Dangerous Structures

    Buildings and structures can become dangerous for a variety of reasons, ranging from a gradual deterioration through lack of maintenance, to a more dramatic cause such as a fire, storm, explosion or vehicle impact.

  11. Exempt Buildings Guidance Note

    Guidance note identifying building work exempt from the Building Regulations.

  12. Guidance

    The listed links are to view the Approved Documents and Guidance notes for many aspects of the Building Control process. Please take time to view the documents, as they may give you information that can assist and save you time.

  13. The Party Wall Act 1996 Explanatory Booklet

    Guidance note regarding the Party Wall Act 1996

  14. Do I require building regulation consent?

    Building Regulation consent is a different requirement from planning permission, and must be applied for separately.

  15. Arranging an inspection

    Once approval has been given or a building notice accepted, you will receive an inspection regime that lists the construction stages for which we require notification and can subsequently arrange inspection.

  16. The role and process of building control

    As a Local Authority Building Control department we administer the Council’s duties set out in the Building Act 1984 and other relevant legislation. Our aim is to ensure, within practical limits, that your project whether it is a new build, conversion or extension, is in compliance with the Building Regulations and other relevant design standards.

  17. Copeland Building Control Prospectus A document identifying the many ways in which Copeland Building Control can help you in the successfull delivery of your building project.
  18. Additional Services

    In addition to our statutory Building Control function, we offer consultation services in the areas listed below.

  19. Building Notice Submission

    Form and guidance notes on how to complete the form to notify us of your wish to build.

  20. Building Control Fees 2016/17

    Building Control fees and charges for 2016/17. You can now pay building control fees online.

  21. Fees (Householders)

    The schedules of charges and guidance notes are based on the Council’s Building Control Charges Scheme.



  22. Full Plans Submission Form

    Form and guidance notes to help you submit full plans.

  23. Building Control Solid Conservatory Roofs

    The Building Act 1984/The Building Regulations 2010

    This form is to be filled in by the person who intends to cary out builing work or his agent.  If the form is unfamiliar please read the notes which follow or consult this office on 01946 598409.


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