1. Sandwith Ward 2015

    Map of Sandwith Ward 2015

  2. Notice Of Elections

    Notice of Election PDF

  3. Egremont South Ward Parish By Election Timetable

    Timetable for the Egremont South Ward Parish By- Elections

  4. Borough Council Elections - 7th May 2015

    On the 7th May 2015, voters in Copeland will go to the polls to elect their representatives for Copeland Borough Council for the next 4 years.

  5. Distington Ward 2015

    Map of Disington Ward 2015

  6. Seascale Ward 2015

    Map of Seascale Ward 2015

  7. Statement of persons nominated - Borough Council

    Statement of persons nominated for Copeland Borough Council election 2015

  8. Notice of Elections PCC

    Notice of Elections 2016 - PCC

  9. Pre-Election Period 31th March - 8th May

    The ‘Pre-election Period’ (informally known as ‘purdah’) begins with the publication of the ‘Notice of Election’ for an election, and runs until the election has taken place

  10. Egremont North Ward 2015

    Map of Egremont North Ward 2015

  11. St. Bees Ward 2015

    Map of St. Bees Ward 2015

  12. Statement of persons nominated Mayor of Copeland

    Nominations for Directly Elected Mayor

  13. Notice Of Candidates’ Election (PCC)

    An election is to be held for a Police and Crime Commissioner for the Cumbria Police Area on Thursday, 5 May 2016. Schedule 8 of the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections Order 2012 requires that a Candidate’s Election Address must be prepared by the candidate’s election agent in the prescribed form.

  14. Candidates and Agents Guidance 2015

    Information for candidates and agents regarding the various 2015 elections.

  15. Egremont South Ward 2015

    Map of Egremont South Ward 2015

  16. Electoral Reviews

    Electoral Reviews 

  17. Statement of persons nominated - Parish Wards

    Nominations of persons for the Parish Wards

  18. Notice of Election - Egremont South Ward

    Notice of Election - Egremont town council - South Ward

  19. Parish and Town Council Elections - 7th May 2015

    On the 7th May 2015, scheduled elections will be run for all of the Parishes in Copeland

  20. Ennerdale Ward 2015

    Map of Ennerdale Ward 2015

  21. Verification Count - Become a Count Assistant

    On May 7th we will be running an unprecedented number of elections in Copeland. It’s going to be a really exciting time for the borough and local residents can get involved by joining Copeland Borough Council officers on the evening of 7th May as Verification and Count Assistants.

  22. Statement of persons nominated for parish election

    Statement of persons nominated for Parish Councils

  23. Statement of persons nominated PCC

    Statement of persons nominated PCC

  24. Holborn hill ward

    Holborn hill ward

  25. Frizington Ward 2015

    Map of Frizington Ward 2015


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