1. Hensingham Ward 2015

    Map of Hensingham Ward 2015

  2. Count Assistant Application Form

    Please complete and return this form to the Electoral Services Office, Copeland Borough Council, The Copeland Centre, Whitehaven CA28 7SJ or e-mail your application form to

  3. Elected Mayor of Copeland, Mike Starkie


    Telephone: 01946 598538

    Mobile: 0777 555 0187

    Facebook page: Elected Mayor of Copeland

    Twitter: @Copelandmayor 

  4. Statement Of Persons Nominated


  5. Notice of EU referendum

    Notice of EU referendum

  6. Notice of Election Agents - Newtown Ward

    Notice of Election Agents - Newtown Ward of Copleand Borough Council

  7. Sandwith ward

    Sandwith ward

  8. Hilcrest Ward 2015

    Map of Hilcrest Ward 2015

  9. Notice of Election - Borough Council

    Notices of the upcoming election for Copeland Borough Council wards.

  10. Achived Elections Documents

    Please see below a list of archived elections documents.

  11. Notice of Poll

    Cumbria County Council

    Election of County Councillor for the Howgate Electoral Division


  12. Notice of Poll and situation of polling stations

    Notice of Poll and situation of polling stations

  13. Location of polling stations

    Notice of situation of polling stations.

  14. St bees ward

    St bees ward

  15. Holborn Hill Ward 2015

    Map of Holborn Hill Ward 2015

  16. Notice of Copeland mayoral election

    Notice of the upcoming Mayoral election in Copeland

  17. Police and Crime Commissioners Elections

    Police and Crime Commissioner Elections

    The second Police and Crime Commissioner elections will be held on Thursday, 5 May 2016.

  18. Deceleration of results of Poll Howgate Division

    Turnout - 20.3%

    Results of election of a County Councillor for the Howgate County Electoral Division

  19. 2017 by-election timetable

    A list of the important dates relating to the February 2017 Copeland Parliamentary By-Election

  20. WTC Harbour ward result

    Whitehaven Town Council Harbour ward result

  21. Kells ward

    Kells ward

  22. Kells Ward 2015

    Map of Kells Ward 2015

  23. Notices of election - parish councils

    Notices of the upcoming parish council elections in Copeland

  24. EU Referendum

    The European Union Referendum will be held on Thursday 23 June 2016.


  25. Notice of Egremont South - Parish By-Election

    Notice of election - Egremont, South Ward - Parish By-Election


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