1. Appointment of Election Agents

    Appointment of election agents

  2. Statement of persons nominated Egremont south ward

    Statement of persons nominated - Egremont south ward

  3. Moresby ward

    Moresby ward

  4. Harbour Ward 2015

    Map of Harbour Ward 2015

  5. Notice of Polls

    Here you will find all the Notices of Polls for each election.

  6. Notice of Poll - PGE

    Copeland Borough Council

    Election of Member of Parliament

    for the




  7. Notice of Poll PCC

    Notice of Poll PCC

  8. Newtown ward

    Newtown ward

  9. Haverigg Ward 2015

    Map of Haverigg Ward 2015

  10. 2015 Canvass

    It's time to update your voter registration details

    The annual canvass to compile the next Register of Electors, also known as the voters' roll, will start in July 2015.

  11. Arlecdon Ward Map 2015

    Arlecdon Ward Map 2015

  12. Notice of Poll - Mayor

    Copeland Borough Council Notice of Poll - Mayor

  13. Notice of Polling Stations PCC

    Notice of Polling Stations PCC

  14. Sandwith ward

    Sandwith ward

  15. Hensingham Ward 2015

    Map of Hensingham Ward 2015

  16. Individual Electoral Registration (IER)

    The registration system changed on 10 June 2014.  The new system is called Individual Electoral Registration.  For more information visit your vote matters.

  17. Polling District Review.

    Polling District Review.Comments received during Consultation

  18. Notice of Poll - Borough

    Copeland Borough Council Notice of Poll - Borough

  19. Notice of Poll - Egremont South Ward

    Notice of Election - Egremont South Ward

  20. St bees ward

    St bees ward

  21. Hilcrest Ward 2015

    Map of Hilcrest Ward 2015

  22. Elected Mayor of Copeland, Mike Starkie


    Telephone: 01946 598538

    Mobile: 0777 555 0187

    Facebook page: Elected Mayor of Copeland

    Twitter: @Copelandmayor 

  23. Achived Elections Documents

    Please see below a list of archived elections documents.

  24. (Acting) Returning Officer’s Final Proposals.

    Polling District & Polling Places Review

    Schedule of Polling Districts, Polling Places and Polling Stations in Copeland as at 20 June 2014.

    (Acting) Returning Officer’s Final Proposals.

  25. Notice of Poll - Parish

    Copeland Borough Council Notice of Poll - Parish


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