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Is there car parking near the Beacon?

Yes you can park close to the Beacon. See our car parking section for full details and a map.

What are the opening hours of the Beacon?

We are currently open 10am to 4.30pm every day.

For special events, activity sessions and guided tours, please call for details. 01946 592302.

I have a problem tenant - what can I do?

There is advice on what to do about problem tenants on the Direct Gov website.

Where can I find facts and figures about housing in Copeland?

There is information about housing in Copeland on the housing strategy page. The Copeland Strategic Housing Market Assessment contains a lot of information about housing and housing issues in the Copeland borough. There is also a copy of the Copeland private sector stock condition survey, which provides information about the condition of the housing stock in Copeland.

Have questions about your Home Group, Housing 21, Two Castles, Impact or other Housing Association house?

At the council we do not deal with everyday problems with housing association properties such as repairs – you need to phone your housing association.

The contact details for the main housing associations are:

  •  Home Group Housing Association: 0345 141 4663
  • Two Castles Housing Association: 01946 591848
  • Impact Housing Association: 0344 8736290

See also "Finding a housing association home in Copeland"

I own an empty property - what can I do about it?

The Empty Homes Agency provide advice on what to do if you own an empty property and you want to bring it back into use.

You will also need to notify the Council Tax section on 0194659 8600. Please also read the attached leaflet that has more information.

What will the council do about an empty property if I report it?

The council has an empty homes policy which sets out what action we are taking to tackle empty homes in the borough and to bring empty homes back into use.

When an empty property is reported to us we will address the empty property following the steps set out in the policy. If we don’t already know about the property, the first steps are likely to include assessing the condition of the property and trying to find the owner of the property.

How do I report an Empty Property?

You can report an empty property on this website on the Report an Empty Property page

You can also contact us on 01946 59 8600 to report the empty property.

How do I join the Copeland Landlord Forum?

Please contact the Housing team on 01946 598600. We will take your details and send you an invitation to the next Landlord Forum meeting. You can also check the date of future meetings on the events calendar.

Can I get a grant from the council to help repair my property?

We no longer provide grants to help people to repair their properties.

We do provide grants to adapt properties to help people with disabilities to stay in their own homes. These grants are called Disabled Facilities Grants and more information is available on the Disabled Facilities Grants page

If you are struggling to find the money for essential repairs, it might be worth getting advice on money matters, for example by visiting the Citizens Advice Bureau