Which building work is controlled?

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For Building Regulations purposes, the term "building work" means any of the following:

  • The erection or extension of a building.
  • An alteration to a building.
  • The provision, extension or alteration of a controlled service or fitting (drainage, boiler or other heated appliance, unvented hot water systems, mechanical ventilation systems), replacement windows and electrical work in dwellings
  • An alteration involving work which will temporarily or permanently affect the ongoing compliance of the building service or fitting with the requirements relating to structure, fire, or access to and use of buildings (material alteration)
  • Work relating to a change of use of a building *
  • The insertion of insulation into a cavity wall; and
  • Underpinning of the foundations of a building

* A material change of use of a building or part. (* A change of use is where a building is now a dwelling, flat or hotel/boarding house, institution or public building, where previously it was not; or when an exempt building is converted to a use to which the Building Regulations apply; or there is a change in the number of dwellings in a building).

Published: 26 July 2012 - 10:41am

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