Too young to vote?

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If you're not old enough to vote, don't worry – there are still ways you can get through to the adults who are in charge of the country and the area where you live!

For example, did you know that England has a Children's Commissioner?  Her job is to listen to and promote the views of young people from birth to 18 (up to 21 if you are in care and/or have learning disabilities).  You can have your say on the Children's Commissioner's website.  There are lots of ways to get across what you want to say – you can answer questions, upload videos and photographs, and do activities on the site.

The UK Youth Parliament is run by young people for young people.  It gives 11 to 18 year olds the chance to make themselves heard.  If you can't find anything where you live, you can still debate on their online forums,  join them on Facebook and support their campaigns. 

We can give you the chance to talk to us about what matters to you.  You can have a say in what's happening in Copeland via our youth council.  The youth council is...

Published: 27 July 2012 - 3:33pm