Pre-Election Period 31th March - 8th May

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The ‘Pre-election Period’ (informally known as ‘purdah’) begins with the publication of the ‘Notice of Election’ for an election, and runs until the election has taken place

During this period, there is a ban in place on publicising the views of political parties, issuing press releases or promoting initiatives with quotes and photos from a particular Councillor, which could be seen as unfairly promoting one political agenda over another.

The basic principle is that any activity which could call into question the Council’s political impartiality or give rise to criticism that public resources are being used for Party political purposes or ‘electioneering’ is suspended for this time.

However, the services and business of Copeland Borough Council will continue as normal and all enquiries made will be dealt with in the appropriate way.

Published: 28 January 2015 - 4:04pm