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This page displays the questions posed to NuGen at the public meetings held in Egremont and Mirehouse. These questions have been answered by NuGen and given to us to feedback to residents. For further information, please call us on 01946 598300. 

Please find attached a link to NuGen’s consultation website, which includes all the documentation and materials relating to the proposals for the Moorside Project (from the start of the as the consultation on 14th May)

NuGen is asking people to ‘HAVE YOUR SAY’ on our latest proposals for a new nuclear power station in West Cumbria. This consultation website will provide you with all the information you need to get involved

Public meetings: Additional questions and feedback comments


Q1. Compensation - Are we going to be compensated if you take part of our garden?

NuGen has no plans to acquire any gardens or property in Mirehouse other than land south of Mirehouse Road, or in Egremont other than that identified by NuGen as its search area. Any owner who is potentially affected by having a part of their property acquired is already aware of this possibility and is discussing it directly with NuGen.

Q2. Consultation - By bringing these papers out, will we have a drop of value in our houses? Is this cut and dry?

NuGen set out initial proposals in its Stage One Consultation in 2015. The Stage Two consultation starting on the 14th May 2016 will affect a much smaller area of land south of Mirehouse and Egremont than at Stage One, as NuGen continues to seek to reduce the impacts on properties. There are statutory schemes that may apply to properties that may be able to make a claim for compensation.

Q3. Roads - Are there any plans to improve to current a595?

NuGen plans to bring materials and components to site using sea and rail, and people by rail and coach. Because it is likely to be necessary for some materials to be brought by road, NuGen has identified where it could potentially undertake a number of junction improvements along the local road network, including the A595. More information will be available in the second stage of consultation, from 14th May 2016.

Q4. Transport - By using the sea, this would leave the roads clear for less transport. As you did with Sellafield Evaporator D, which came all the way from Liverpool, (the modules) which will also serve the problem with the railway. The Dutch have the best idea; they accommodate people with homes build on barges!

For the number of contractors concerned and the length of time of the project, it’s not appropriate to house people on barges or accommodation ships and NuGen would not be able to attract the people it needs to construct the Project.
Building worker accommodation offers a number of potential lasting benefits to the neighbouring community too – facilities and services which are improved or introduced to provide for the workers will also be available to the community and could be left in place afterwards, potentially including the housing itself. NuGen is seeking views and comments on these plans in the second stage of consultation from 14th May 2016.
It’s worth clarifying that the Evaporator D project was conducted by Sellafield Limited. NuGen is an independent, private company – completely separate organisation from Sellafield and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

Q5. Community safety – how many people are coming into the area to complete the work? Are they going to be CRB checked? The issues being the safety of our children and wives etc.

At peak, there will be up to 5,500 additional workers brought into the region over the duration of the project, spread across three worker accommodation sites and local accommodation, but this will reduce if more local workers can be recruited. There’s no reason to believe that these workers will be any more likely to be criminals than any other member of the community.

These workers will be employed by reputable, nationally-recognised contractors who NuGen has a relationship with. Their conduct will be monitored to ensure it is appropriate, is acceptable to the local community and NuGen is already working with the contractor companies to take reasonable steps to ensure this.

Q6. Railway - If these train engines are going to be the norm what is going to be done to protect our houses, in regards to the noise, vibration and fumes?

A full impact assessment is being carried out and NuGen will be discussing with the local community, what appropriate measures will be put in place to reduce or remove any such impact.
NuGen is in discussions with rail operators to see what commitments it can make about the type of trains used for the Moorside Project.

Q7. Railway – How many tracks are to be put in?

At present there are a number of options under consideration, but it would be up to one new single track in specific locations for passing loops within railway land. No neighbouring householders are proposed to lose any land under any of these options.

Q8. Temporary workers accommodation – have NuGen considered sites for temporary accommodation further afield? There is an ideal site in Allerdale – the old steel works site. It has good road links and excellent rail links already there along with other services. This would be ideal with its links to the town. And more importantly would prevent the destruction of green field sites around the Mirehouse location.

Sites in Allerdale were considered, but are further from the Moorside Site, and therefore less suitable for NuGen’s intention to get most of the worker population to site by rail, as it would significantly increase the turnaround rail journey times.

Q9. Station – Why is a new station not sited at The Old Crown and Anchor or behind St Benedict’s. A station there would be within walking distance of Woodhouse, Hensingham and Mirehouse. That siting of a station would be a legacy once temporary buildings have gone.

The new Mirehouse Station is being built primarily to serve the worker population, so will need to be in proximity to the worker accommodation. Additionally, it needs to be built where it can incorporate the facilities needed (e.g. car parking) and will not require NuGen to have to acquire people’s homes.
The station will also serve the local community, within the construction period and it is proposed that it will be left in place, to continue serving the community after the construction of Moorside.

Q10. Health care services – our hospital has already lost beds and nurses and struggle to cope with the amount of people living here already. Are you going to put money into the West Cumberland hospital for more beds and staff to accommodate for the 6,000 people you are bringing into the area?

The plan is to bring up to 5,500 people from outside the area. NuGen expects to be able to employ a minimum of 1,000 from the local workforce.
NuGen aims to ensure that the workforce it brings in does not impact detrimentally on local services, including health services. There are a number of options that it is considering, in consultation with local health authorities. More information will be available at the second stage of consultation from 14th May 2016.


C1. Nobody expects such a huge national infrastructure project “not” to have local detrimental impacts. What I would like to see is simply and open, honest and approachable engagement with the community by NUGEN. I’m greatly impressed by Copeland’s ‘foot in NUGEN’s throat’ which as belatedly driven this type of forum and drop in sessions. The power of social media!! David Stubbings, Moss Side, Egremont.

NuGen response: NuGen has a good, consultative relationship with Copeland and all the local authorities and is happy to accept invitations to meet the local community to explain its proposals. NuGen has met Mirehouse and Egremont residents and representatives over the last year and will continue to do so, including exhibitions on different dates at the Community Centre (7/6) and Labour Club (23/6) in Mirehouse, and the Market Hall in Egremont (17/5) during the consultation period.

C2. There is enough land to build a new road without demolishing any dwellings. Anonymous

NuGen response: NuGen is not proposing to acquire any dwellings in Egremont, or in Mirehouse other than land south of Mirehouse Road identified by NuGen as its search area. This land will be for worker accommodation, associated facilities and in Mirehouse, a new railway station. It is not proposing to build a new road, but is proposing to undertake some junction improvements on the A595 which will have some affect for particular householders, who NuGen is in discussion with.

C3. I have emailed Direct Rail Services and network Rail about the newer diesel engines which are extremely noisy and smelly. I was basically passed from one company to the other and absolutely nothing was answered satisfactorily. The ground around our house, 19 The Oval vibrates with the noise and the fumes are horrible. Resident, Mirehouse

NuGen response: The trains currently using the railway track are not working on behalf of NuGen. However, NuGen is listening to the community’s experience of these trains and will take this into account in developing its own plans for use of the rail network.

Published: 29 April 2016 - 3:27pm