Cumbria County Council Elections

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Elections for the 84 seats on Cumbria County Council will be held on Thursday 4 May 2017.  

All the latest information on the Cumbria County Council website.

Key dates for the election are below. A full list is on the Cumbria County Council website:

  • 23 March 2017 - publication of the Notice of Election
  • 13 April 2017 - deadline to register to vote
  • 18 April 2017 (5pm) - Deadline for receiving new postal vote and postal proxy applications, and for changes to existing postal or proxy votes
  • 25 April 2017 (5pm) - Deadline for receiving new applications to vote by proxy (not postal proxy or emergency proxies)
  • 4 May 2017 (7am-10pm) - Polling stations open on polling day

Briefing Sessions:

A briefing session will be held for all perspective candidates and/or agents to attend. This will take place at 5pm on Thursday 16th March 2017 at The Copeland Centre, Catherine Street, Whitehaven, CA28 7SJ.

Please contact the Elections team if you have any questions about this session.

Electoral Services

Copeland Borough Council

Tel: 01946 598300  

Published: 24 January 2017 - 9:18am