Young people to have their say about Moorside

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NuGen has been working hard to engage with young people as part of its public
consultation on plans for the Moorside Power Station. 

Pupils from years five and six at Beckermet Church of England Primary School came to
a special preview of NuGen’s public exhibition to learn more about the company’s
NuGen's Moorside project will be a 100-year commitment to the region, and the
company is eager to start engaging with all local schools in the vicinity to ensure
young people's viewpoints are not overlooked, and taken into consideration. 
The schoolchildren were given a short introduction to how nuclear power works, using
an interactive model of a nuclear reactor. The pupils then helped NuGen’s
environment expert to identify the types of wildlife that had been photographed at
the site, and found out how the company plans to replace their habitats when the
project develops towards a construction phase.   
Before returning to class, the Beckermet pupils had their own special consultation
event where they got a chance to grill the experts, asking questions they had
prepared as part of their lessons in school.  
Stephen Bray, NuGen’s Stakeholder & Public Consultation Manager, said: “Our guests
had clearly done their homework and had some great questions for the team, which
we were only too happy to answer. 
“Young people can be overlooked in public consultations, but spending some time to
help them understand what’s taking place and, most importantly, listening to their
feedback really helped us to connect with these important members of the
community so they could have their say.” 
Barbara Mayer, Head of Beckermet C of E, welcomed the opportunity for her pupils to
get involved. She said: “Our children really enjoyed it and I appreciated the
opportunity for them to be involved in an important part of their future. I felt that it
was presented very well, at an appropriate level and that their questions were all
given thoughtful and detailed answers.” 
Dates for all the remaining public exhibitions, along with the documents and
materials for consultation, are available on the consultation website: People can also use this website to register their
interests and to ‘Have Your Say’.

Published: 11 June 2015 - 10:45am