Grass cutting - what's changed?

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We have had to make some changes to our grass cutting arrangements, due to budget cuts. This page outlines what these changes are, and what the impact might be.

grass spraying

We have had to make some changes to our grass cutting arrangements, due to the cuts to funding we have received. We’re sorry that we have had to make these changes forced on us by the cuts, but we have had to do so to ensure we can continue to provide our essential, statutory services.

The biggest change is that in many areas, we are no longer able to cut the grass as often as we used to.

At the same time, other organisations are no longer cutting areas of their responsibility as often as in the past. For example, highways verges are being cut less often by contractors for Cumbria County Council, and Home Group are cutting some of their communal areas less often.

On housing estates, we will now cut most open areas of grass once per year. Verges, for highway safety reasons, will be cut twice per year. We will also cut a strip down the side of footpaths, to ensure public access.

Some bigger public open areas, for example at entrances to towns, will be cut on a fortnightly basis during the growing season.

As a result of the cuts we now employ eight fewer people in the summer than we used to and the grass cutting machinery has been returned to the supplier.

We are now undertaking our first round of cuts across the borough. If you think an area has particularly long grass, it could simply be the case that we’ve not yet been able to do our first cut as will be doing so over the next week or so.

In some areas, community groups, parish council’s and sports clubs are taking over grass cutting of patches of land in their area. This is something others may wish to consider.

We maintain some parks and open spaces on behalf of other organisations, as a retained contractor – these include some land for Home Group and for some public buildings. We are paid to undertake these on a commercial basis, to an agreed specification, and these arrangements are entirely separate to the changes outlined above and are not subsidised by the Council Tax payer.

The changes taking place apply to all areas of the borough. These changes were consulted on during late 2012.

Published: 14 June 2013 - 9:15am