Egremont eye-sore demolished

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We have demolished a half built structure on Egremont Market Place after the owners failed to improve the appearance and condition of the site.

land after demolition of the eye sore

The building has remained unfinished for more than two years and, despite repeated warnings from council officers concerned by the state of the property, the owners took no action either to demolish or complete the building.

The council had received numerous complaints from Egremont residents - the property was highly visible, in the centre of town and in a conservation area.

Copeland’s portfolio holder for regeneration, Phil Greatorex, said:  “We try to work with owners to improve properties that have become eyesores. However if the owners are unwilling to co-operate with us we will use our powers to ensure local communities don’t have to suffer. I am pleased that people who live in and visit the centre of Egremont will not have this carbuncle in the heart of the town.”

This is the latest in a series of demolitions carried out recently by the council to improve the environment for local residents and visitors to Copeland.

The site is owned by Wiltshire-based Tripudiate Ltd, and has no connection to the adjacent pub.

Published: 8 April 2013 - 1:44pm